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Day 17 – what I want to be when I’m older


Happy. Or content. Maybe a kept woman 😛 I don’t know, really. I’d like to study again/more. I’d like to do something other than what I’m doing now. I want to be amazing! Yes, that’s it. 🙂

Oh, and a zombie slayer, of course…

Day 2 – 10 likes and dislikes


I couldn’t have chosen an easy challenge, eh? Oh well. Let’s see… Starting with the dislikes:

  1. People who lie. Yes it’s a cliche, but it’s also a huge pain in the backside, and not very nice.
  2. Liquorice. Just ick.
  3. Brussel sprouts. Beyond ick.
  4. Camping. I’m curious about glamping, but I’m generally not much of an outdoor enthusiast.
  5. Water. It really doesn’t taste, well, like anything. Despite this, I try to drink at least 750ml plain water a day. Not so easy during winter.
  6. My current situation, specifically relating to work. But what doesn’t kill me makes me stranger – if that’s at all possible!
  7. Not being able to shop, treat myself for breakfast/lunch on Saturday mornings, and other unpleasantnessess related to my debt and consequent frugality.
  8. Cough syrup and throat lozenges. Loads of sugar and I don’t see the point. How is something that goes straight to my tummy supposed to make my lungs feel better and keep me from coughing up bits of it? Not to mention the revolting taste. May I just say “ICK!”
  9. Driving in Jo’burg. I do it every working day, and the afternoon traffic is enough to drive people around the bend. And I find it absolutely appalling the way bus and taxi drivers are so reckless with their charges’ lives.
  10. Meetings. I generally find them pointless and utterly unproductive. There are exceptions, but the majority? Meh.

And the nice, happy, likey things:

  1. Cake. Obviously. I didn’t get soft around the edges from carrots. Although I like carrots too. But not that much.
  2. Books. Reading, writing (I have so many notebooks that I feel to sorry to write in), audio books, e-books, good old, old-fashioned paper and ink books (they smell the best :))
  3. My friends. I have THE BEST friends. Ever! I don’t have many, but they rock. I like them a whole lot.
  4. Shopping. Or at least, I used to. I’m pretty sure I like it still, but I can’t remember. It’s been a while…
  5. Sleeping. Again, I think I do. I have not been able to do much of that lately either, but I do like being lazy in my bed. Preferably with my eyes closed and my mind occupied with the wonderful and weird dreams I often have. I miss you 8-hours-a-night!
  6. My BlackBerry. And my iPad. And my laptop, external hard drive and most things gadgety.
  7. Chocolates. Not as much as cake. But more than carrots.
  8. Shoes – high heels in particular. Mostly to look at. Sometimes to wear, but not that often. Wonky back and all that, you know?
  9. Jeans. Is there any item of clothing more versatile, comfortable, flattering (if you actually manage to find something for a soft-around-the-edges body that fits properly). I happily wear them all year round.
  10. Zombie everything. Plants vs Zombies, Zombie Farm, remember last year’s zombie calendar? Books about zombies, Pride & Prejudice & Zombie notebooks (currently serving as my headache diary, as I thought is rather apt).

Hold on, cowboys! Only 28 more posts like these. Aren’t you excited?

November zombie


It’s my second-last zombie, and I’ve either gotten much better at assembling them, or this one was just very easy. I suspect it is the latter. This month’s is called “Tough Offense”. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them at the end of the year; probably hand them out – give them loving homes 🙂 A colleague has already asked for the July zombie (Punk’s not dead) for her son. The nurse’s one hand is missing (the perils of office cleaners’ determined sense of duty).

October zombie


This month – Fetid Feline. First it caught a mouse and then it faced off against Rabid Rottie. The cat’s a little top/front heavy and needs to be supported or propped against something.

It seems to be getting easier to make these. And now I only have two left 😦 I really do love paper art.

July zombie


“Punk’s not dead”… well, if you say so. This zombie’s spine has obviously been left behind – it doesn’t want to stand upright by itself, thus I’ve had my little “The Writer’s Block” by Jason Rekulak help it a little.

Punk Zombie