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Five weeks…


Another year into the dirty thirties. And aside from the top five things on my wishlist (tattoo, spa day with all the trimmings, cold hard cash, hot heels, a gadget – full list here), there are a few unlikely things I’m hoping for:

A KitchenAid Mixer with attachment pack (in Almond Cream)

Paint for my brand new room (although I’ve not decided on colour scheme)

Gym membership/personal trainer (with a workout wardrobe)

Guest column in a magazine (I’d just like to see my name in print again)

A full body scan (because my body is revolting, as in fighting against me – not just being gross :P)

I suppose it’s a little strange, but there you have it. Five weeks. Two threes. *sigh*


Current shoe obsession


While the orthopaedic surgeon assured me that occasionally wearing high heels will not make my back pain any worse, I’m trying very hard to move my focus from lovely sky-high stilettos to something a little more functional.

I’m somewhat ashamed to admit that I’ve never owned a pair of Dr Martens. I never thought I was cool enough, and now that I know better, I don’t know where to buy them – if I could afford them, that is. But these iconic shoes come in different colours, styles, lengths and finishes. I’d love a variety of the 12, 14 and 20 eye boots – black, grey, oxblood, peacock.

So I’ll be adding them to my wish list – hopefully one of the things I can cross off again sooner rather than later.

Have dreams, will spend a night (or two, or…)


Following yesterday’s frivolous post, I decided to stubbornly believe that there’s no harm in a bit of daydreaming (if I repeat it enough I might believe it). And so I’m blogging a list of hotels I wouldn’t mind a stay over at. The Milkwood suite at Teremok Marine  looks like what the perfect seaside holiday should look – clean, calm and with a sea view.

I’ve been fortunate to have had lunch at the Le Franschhoek Hotel and Spa before, and it was really something. I remember walking through the garden thinking this is a place I’d love to spend some time at.

Almost two years ago I spent a weekend at a hotel in Clarens that didn’t blow me away, and when we walked into town and I saw the Protea Hotel Clarens, I wished I’d known about it – it looked like a pleasant place to stay, and was in a great location.

I’d love to stay in one of the highest rooms in the Michelangelo Towers and look out over Sandton. A view is always important.

Rumours have it that Fire & Ice! Melrose Arch has the most amazing milkshakes. I’d like to try a few, preferably on a bed where I can just roll over and nap when my tummy’s reached bursting point.

Fit for a princess, so I’d like to give it a try too. The Oyster Box Hotel is also famed for fabulous high tea in KZN. And it might not exactly be Monaco, Johannesburg’s own Pink Palace, the Westcliff Hotel, is an undisputed Queen of High Tea, as far as I’m concerned.

I’ve been to conferences and weddings at the Sheraton Pretoria Hotel and Towers, but would love to wake up to a view of Jacarandas in bloom outside a window.

Some other hotels that I’ve read great things about and would love to visit:

15 on Orange Hotel

Arabella Hotel and Spa

Mount Grace Country House and Spa

Mount Nelson Hotel

One & Only Cape Town Resort and Spa

Palazzo Montecasino

Saxon Boutique Hotel and Spa

The Peech Johannesburg Boutique Hotel and Bistro

Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa

I won’t even bother with looking at cool places abroad. I’m quite content with keeping my dreams local for now.

Another dreadful countdown


Five months. That’s all I have to plan my next mother of a pity party. You see, yesterday I was watching reruns (are there any other kind of show on DSTV?) of Cake Boss, when I realised it’s downhill to my next birthday. And I pondered getting some people together, feeding them cake (as much as I’d like to keep all the cake in the world for myself) in a pleasant setting, along with some fabulous drinky-goodies. Well, I pondered for all of 10 minutes before realising that I don’t have money for a venue, cake and drinky-goodies for people outside my family (and even the family will only get the tiniest slices of cake and will have to make their own coffee). And any money I manage to save in the meantime I’d rather spend on making myself happy than feeding other people. Yes, I guess I’m a little strange that way. Maybe one day when I’m not obsessing about having enough food for my family, about paying my debt and about money in general, I’ll happily entertain the masses. In fact, I’m so hopeful about that, I’ve added it to my bucket list. Some of you (yes, I’m assuming I have a large and wide-read audience), may have seen my list before, but I’ve modified it to having those things I reasonably expect to achieve within the next year or two (so if anyone feels like helping me cross any off the list in five months, you know how to get hold of me). Also, that was not a hint for the friendly neighbourhood stalker. I’m trying to see how many and how generous readers of this blog are (trying to be optimistic here).

Hot air balloon ride
A spa day with all the trimmings (maybe even an overnight stay)
Learn to sketch
Learn to make something new with origami
Sew a dress
Throw a big party
Host book club meeting
Make candles
Take a proper holiday, like at a resort or something like that.
Complete La Mer range
Christian Louboutin heels (Or at least sexy heels from Aldo)
64GB iPod touch/16GB iPod Nano
Diamond earings (nothing big and blingy; plain little studs would do)
Red heels
Kindle 4 + skin + lighted leather cover (apple green)
High tea at The Saxon (I love the Westcliff, but think it’s time to try something new. Although, as long as there’s cake I’ll go anywhere!)
A new bed – one I can choose for aesthetics and comfort
A reading chair for my room (because my bed can’t handle my sleeping in AND living on it)

Now to start saving in order to make these happen. I’ve requested a quote for the tattoo – I think it’s important for the stage in my life I’m going through; maybe that will be the first thing I cross off the list.



My previous obsession has been upgraded. Sort of. Well, it surely is more expensive! I’d love one of the higher units with a view. And my kingdom for a walk-in wardrobe goody. The “Type D” is my current dream unit – I can convert one of the bedrooms into a library/study, and I like the idea of a seperate scullery. The open-plan of the “Type A” units do not appeal to me at all. “Type C” isn’t too bad at all, but there’s no scullery and the kitchen’s not at all enclosed. And because the only way I’ll ever get to live in any of these units are in my fantasies, I pick D. On the 15th floor nogal! Who’s coming to my house warming?

If I had a million dollars…


In a bit of a silly mood from listening to The Barenaked Ladies. It got me thinking about some things I’d like (other than no debt and a place of my own – which I really want quite badly). Sorry if you wasted your time coming here today, expecting some kind of meaningfulness. Then again, that should teach you to ever expect that from this blog.

  • A spa day (facial, body scrub/wrap, hair treatment, massages, etc.)
  • Winter boots
  • Red heels (still)
  • Some place peaceful to stay for my upcoming two week holiday
  • A pair of jeans (or two)
  • A bit of shopping: new bedding and linen (maybe even a new bed!), books, perfume, stationery, etc.
  • A new hobby – I’d like to do more origami, but can’t seem to understand diagrams from books; I need a hands-on approach to that. I’d like to do something that’s quick, easy and portable to do.
  • A Kindle – the new one, with a green leather cover (the one with the light-goody attached) and a cool gelaskin (all in my Amazon.com wish list)
  • A BlackBerry Bold
  • An iPod Nano with a wristband thingy
  • A docking station for my iPod
  • Maybe an iPad… definitely a PlayBook

And since yesterday was my 32⅓ birthday, I am happily accepting gifts 🙂

Project fundraising


I am foolishly attempting to buy my mom’s house again – this time at market value (in order to get dad to sign the papers). Time is running out. The deal has to be finalised by the end of January, and in order to make any financial institution even consider approving my application, I need to raise a substantial amount of money.



For a donation you will receive a virtual kiss (or a hug if you prefer).

If this will work, I don’t know, but I’m sending it out to the universe, and hoping the universe will send me something back. Should anyone feel generous, please send me an email – marthatjie [at] gmail [dot] com

Happy Holidays. Travel safe, stay safe. See you soon!

Day 27 – What’s the best thing going for you right now?


My new website. Last Monday I was asked for a rate card – something that is still in the works, but that bodes very well. I’m hoping to approach a couple of lifestyle companies for more sponsorships. Imagine if I could get Vida e at 24 Central to sponsor me a daily coffee/hot chocolate. Or a weekly pilates class at The Gym on Eleventh! Maybe BlackBerry will make me an online ambassador; maybe a cool hair salon in the city will swap a tint, snip & style for an ad spot.

There are a lot of uncertainties and opportunities that will help me be a little more than an average pencil pusher in a cubicle waiting for the perfect writing job. The fact that I can create the perfect writing job for myself – priceless!