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Thursday tarot


There has been a lot of things on my mind this morning. Some of them relate to my 30 Days of truth challenge – I am actively avoiding today’s challenge. Will do it, of course, but it will not do my emotional state any favours.

On to what the cards are saying. Remember you can go here for your own free reading.


Card 1 (Temperance) : How you feel about yourself now  »

You feel a need for harmony and balance in your life and indeed are starting to feel that some peace has already been restored. If you have been through some tough times, such as a break up of a relationship or financial problems, peace will be restored. However if you are still experiencing problems, this is a time for calm, careful control and patience and you will soon have a sense of normality again.


The Fool 

Card 2 (The Fool) : What you most want at this moment  »

The cards suggest that what you most want at this time is just to be happy, and you are searching for the one thing that will bring happiness. You want a new start but feel unsure of what you want or where you want to go. Romantically you have mixed feelings regarding another – part of you wants to enter the relationship wholeheartedly, part of you wants to hold back. So if you are in a relationship that empowers you, stay, if not it is time to move on.



Card 3 (Justice) : Your fears  »

There could be agreements or legal affairs that concern you and you certainly don’t want to lose – you feel quite strongly that you are in the right. Stay calm and level-headed and seek sound counsel if you need to.




Wheel Of Fortune 

Card 4 (Wheel Of Fortune) : What is going for you  »

Call it fate or destiny but the run of good luck or good fortune you are experiencing or about to experience is mostly not of your doing – enjoy this time. If there seem to be a number of positive coincidences happening in your life this is known as synchronicity, go with the flow and trust it.




The Emperor 

Card 5 (The Emperor) : What is going against you  »

You may be over ambitious at this time, success may remain just out of your reach for a while. Are you being assertive and positive enough? Or are you using aggressive, bullying tactics to no avail? Do not mis-use your authority or if you have requested help from a strong, successful man don’t let him bully you – he either helps or leaves you to get on with things yourself.



The Devil 

Card 6 (The Devil) : Outcome  »

If your previous cards have been positive and your main consideration has been about a relationship then there’s a possibility of commitment, even a proposal of marriage. If this is not the case this a final opportunity for you to change course, because the temptation you are experiencing concerning a relationship, money or materialism or any other kind of addiction won’t lead to a happy ending. If you are feeling low in self-belief and self-worth and doubt your abilities, don’t, have more confidence – it’s not too late to change direction.

A bit of hope from the deck


I know I posted yesterday’s tarot reading, but this morning’s speaks to me more than any reading has done before. It is very encouraging in this time where I feel depessed and despondent.

Wheel Of Fortune

Card 1 (Wheel Of Fortune) : How you feel about yourself now  »

Perhaps you feel due for a bit of good luck or indeed are experiencing some at the moment. The Wheel of Fortune is a card of destiny. What is happening now we could call fate, so if positive things are happening with your love life, career or finances this is no coincidence. If no such things are happening, expect a sudden change in fortune.




Card 2 (Strength) : What you most want at this moment  »

The cards suggest that what you most want at this time is to find the strength and will power to see you through and achieve what you want. It is important to come from a place of love and tolerance though, and not aggression. Put your fears to rest and develop a positive attitude and you’ll reap richer rewards.




The World

Card 3 (The World) : Your fears  »

You are afraid of taking action and lack confidence and will power, but this is a time to be positive and proactive, otherwise you will experience loss of momentum, delays and stagnation. Completion and success are only a step away, don’t give up, lose heart or change direction when you are so close to the finish line.




The Lovers

Card 4 (The Lovers) : What is going for you  »

New love and commitment will enter your life, even if there’s no one on the horizon – be prepared for a surprise. Throw caution to the wind and expect joyous and happy times ahead.







Card 5 (Justice) : What is going against you  »

Things just aren’t going your way, even if you are in the right or the victim of foul play you won’t win this one. Take care of whose advice you take and beware of being motivated solely by self-interest.






Card 6 (Temperance) : Outcome  »

A period of peace and harmony, life will flow and you will find a way of handling any difficult circumstances with calm confidence. This is also a time for patience, so if you are not sure quite what decision to make about any key issue, take your time you’ll know what to do when the time is right.