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Day 20 – concerts I’ve attended


Another short list.

Spring fest ’97 featuring Just Jinger, Battery 9 and some other random bands I can’t remember. I was there for the Battery 9 performance only.

Rammstein 2011.

I don’t like large spaces filled with crowds, especially when my personal space becomes invaded. There are some other music acts I wouldn’t mind seeing, but not enough to attend a live show. Rammstein is the exception – I’ll go to another concert of theirs, but will probably buy different tickets, gallery seating or something like that.

Day 6 – the band/musician most important to me


This is tricky. I love music. I love a great variety of music. I suppose the best way to answer this is that Rammstein is the only band I’ve gone to see in concert, and will happily see again. It probably doesn’t sound impressive, except if you know that I do not cope well with crowds of strangers in large spaces. Agoraphobia, it seems.

Rammstein is also my best coping mechanism for road rage (dispels it completely!), but there are days I just want some Counting Crows, a bit of Adele, Queen,  Beethoven, or Muse. Or several other bands/genres in between.

Not sure that really answers the question, but that’s the closest I can get to an answer.