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Day 19 – a list of all the places I’ve lived


Not a very long list.

Vanderbijlpark, Pretoria (house 1), Pretoria (house 2), Pretoria (flat shared with friend), Pretoria (house 2), Johannesburg (room in acquaintance’s house), Pretoria (house 2), Pretoria (shared room in brother’s house), Pretoria (flat shared with mom).

Day 9 – pet peeves


Bad writing, including grammar and spelling (particularly in novels) and if authors – and worse, their editors – can’t keep their characters/names straight. I mean, did you even bother to reread anything?

Nosy people. I know curiosity is a human condition; I’m an inquisitive individual myself, but I respect people’s privacy and boundaries. I hate when people eavesdrop, or fish for gossip. I don’t mind gossip if it has no malicious intent, but if someone told you something in confidence, I really don’t want to know about it. Sies!

Doing dishes. I don’t think there’s a single chore I hate more than that.

Traffic and rude drivers. Jo’burg is full of them, and Pretoria isn’t far behind. Everybody wants to get to their destinations; we’re all tired, rushed, hungry, etc. but a little common courtesy will go a long way in avoiding accidents, bottlenecks and road rage. I’m just saying.

Inconsiderate people in general. I’ll just leave it at that, because I could go on forever on this topic.

Meetings that do not add any value to projects I’m working on.

Lazy people who expects others to pick up the slack, and then take all the credit for themselves.

Day 1 – Write some basic things about yourself


This is actually turning out to be a little more difficult than you’d think.

  • I’m job hunting. And I’ve joined a workers’ union. Better safe than sorry and all that. Keep me in mind if you know of anything I’d be good at
  • I get bored easily. This is why I have so many blogs going. And why I’ve now resorted to Polyvore to entertain me when Pinterest falls short
  • Technically I’m single, although it would be more accurate to say “it’s complicated”
  • I don’t want to explain the complication on here
  • I’m ambidextrous
  • I’m  a dreamer
  • I’m a writer (several work titles referred to me as one), but I feel like such a fake when I say it. A handful of blogs does not a writer make
  • I live in Pretoria and work in Sandton. This means I get up at five to miss the traffic and reach work just before six
  • I listen to audio books during my commute
  • I like surprises – good ones, obviously
  • When I drink coffee, I only drink one cup (two at the most) and only in the morning. I prefer hot chocolate, particularly from vida e caffè

I think that’s quite enough for now. If at the end of the 30 days you still have questions, you may ask. I’m not promising to answer though 😉

Homes, headaches and classic avoidance


I’m not writing this post in a procrastination effort. Really. Promise! Okay maybe I am, but these things need to be said/done as well.

Firstly, I’m absolutely thrilled to be sitting here headache-free (touch wood) after several forms of the curse befell me last week (including a migraine on Friday and Sunday). I am quite seriously considering a visit to the Headache Clinic, but need to save up for it first (even if my medical aid where to pay for it, I’m on the brink of entering my self-payment gap, something I’m ill-prepared for). The state of my pain synapses were not at all aided by my mom asking me what my plans regarding living arrangements are as soon as the house is sold.

I almost had a stroke! (This was around 17:00 yesterday afternoon, as if my Sunday Blues weren’t bad enough.) When I raised objection to moving back home because the house is in the market, SHE was the one who told me not to worry; that I had at least two months to worry about that. It’s been two weeks and now she’s rocking my little sinking boat. She signed two offers on the house last Monday, and technically, if there are no hitches, we will have to vacate the house in five weeks. While the debt counselling has put me in a position to pay everything I need to, and have some cheese on my bread, I can only pay rent or petrol for my daily PretoriaJohannesburg-Pretoria commute – not both.

Eventually she said that I should always remember that she’ll have a place for me wherever she goes, even if it is only a couch (at which thought my back spontaneously spasmed; okay it didn’t, but if it had a brain it would’ve).

So in an effort to not completely feel overwhelmed/devastated, I’m focusing on the long ongoing The Secret Project © (TSP) (which, as time progresses, is becoming less secret). Except for the bit of procrastination brought on by writing this post. I’ve found a part of the project swinging in the wind like a hangman-puzzle with one clue/limb left, and now I need to find bits to attach it, etc. And another part needs to be double checked under a magnifying glass (this bit is what I’m currently avoiding), and modified to make sense (there are bits there whose arrival on the scene make absolutely NO sense).

But let me not put off my duties for too long. Never know when the next headache will fell me or my ambitions.



So it’s been three weeks since my finger was used as a chew toy, and although the nail is going to take months to look normal again, and despite the lump of eina nerves that make the finger go numb when I apply pressure (like when typing), it is a lot better.

The two weeks I spent at my mom’s place was great. I didn’t get to sleep in much, but I did whatever I wanted to – which wasn’t much – and I felt very happy to be with the people I love and who cares for me.

Going back to work wasn’t too unpleasant, and things seem to carry on as they always have, but that’s more or less where the usual business ends.
I’ve decided to move back to Pretoria, because Johannesburg just makes me miserable. Sure my fuel consumption is going to increase & cost me more, but at least I’ll have one happy place, where I currently don’t have any. I will get up an hour earlier to (hopefully) get to work the same time I do now, and I will get to listen to my audio books while sitting in traffic in the afternoons. At least, until the Gautrain starts running from Pretoria. A month pass will be cheap by comparison, especially with the ever-increasing cost of petrol and the tolls launching soon. On days where I need to go see my doctor, for example, I’ll drive in, but that won’t be more often than once every two weeks.

In order to better cope with the nightmare that is my finances, I have applied for debt counselling. I’ve come to a point where ensuring that I pay all my accounts every month means I have no money to live. Technically I can’t afford to eat, drive, have life insurance, a pension fund and several other bits, non of which qualifies as luxury expenses. I can’t even buy a single of my beloved magazines. I’ve tried selling my books (and my soul, several times), but no one seems to be interested. I need to buy a new mattress. My back is giving me problems again, but buying anything is not an option.
The problem now is that I need to pay for my brother’s petrol on Saturday so he can help with the move, and I only have enough money to put petrol in my own car once before the end of the month, which is still a long way off. I’m not even IN Pretoria yet, and already I have petrol issues. That makes me sad, but I’ll have to make a plan. I’m taking control of things that are a problem, as much as I’m able to, and I can’t let this derail my plans.

It has been a long time since I had a plan of action, and more importantly that I have set in motion, and I’m determined to see this through.

During my lunch break on Wednesday I hope to open a new bank account, as advised by my counsellor, taking one more step closer to taking back control of my life.

If you happen to find some loose change between your couch cushions, won’t you please mail it to me? 😛

Over being broke


It’s one thing to have debt. It’s another to have no disposable money after everything’s been paid for the month. Scratch that. I only paid half of my rent this month.

Pay day is next Monday. I very much doubt that my petrol is going to last until then – the fact that I’ve been to Pretoria three out of the last four weekends is not helping. I need these weekends, though. Somehow being idle on a Saturday here is less depressing than doing it in Jo’burg where (maybe because of its inherent pace) I feel like I should be out exploring and being social. And those things cost money, which is why I avoid doing it.

I wish I could buy my mom flowers for today – 34 years ago she lost a baby girl; 15 years ago her father died. She is going through a tough time, emotionally and financially, and the only thing I feel I can do is visit her as often as I can. Or can’t, as the case may be. Tomorrow is her birthday. I literally spent my last money yesterday to buy her a journal. She has a need to get her thoughts and feelings out too, so “an offline blog” seems like a good solution. She also said she wanted to start a new journal tomorrow. On the cover of the one I bought her, “Believe in yourself” is etched on the cover.

I feel a little panicky about Christmas. It will only be the two of us, most likely. My brother and his girlfriend (fiancé?) are going to her parents – her mother refuses to change their plans – and my nephew generally spends the morning with his mother. I tried to convince her to agree that we won’t exchange presents this year, but she wouldn’t have anyt of it. Of course, my birthday being two weeks before Christmas is not making me any happier this time.

I most probably won’t be coming to Pretoria next weekend, as much as I’d like to. I’ll be in my room in Johannesburg, watching movies on my laptop, having a pity party. This too shall pass… eventually… I guess…