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Two months


Yes, it’s true. In two months I’m having my next birthday. I hope to be celebrating, but if the past is any indication the only party I’ll be having is a pity party for one.

As is customary, I do have a wish list, and several items are a bit far-fetched, but isn’t that really the point of a wish list? Do-able or not, these are all things I’d love to have.

In no particular order:

Less (ideally no) debt
Cute little apartment of my own (like these) 😛
A hot air balloon ride
A spa day
Shopping spree
Digital piano
Course of Endermologie treatments
A new car (so I can give mine to my mom)
Mini-break at luxury hotel
La Mer anything/everything
New BlackBerry smart phone
BlackBerry PlayBook – as soon as it becomes available
iTunes/Audible/Rhythm Online/Kalahari.net/Big Blue/Exclusive Books vouchers

Shoes – Louboutins, size 41
iPod Classic 160 GB
1TB external HDD