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Day 18 – the TV show I have become addicted to


I don’t know that I’m addicted to any television shows, but there are quite a few I enjoy: New Girl, Grey’s Anatomy, True Blood, Mad Men, CSI, Private Practice, Curious and Unusual Deaths, Snapped, Medical Detectives, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, House, etc.

Homes, headaches and classic avoidance


I’m not writing this post in a procrastination effort. Really. Promise! Okay maybe I am, but these things need to be said/done as well.

Firstly, I’m absolutely thrilled to be sitting here headache-free (touch wood) after several forms of the curse befell me last week (including a migraine on Friday and Sunday). I am quite seriously considering a visit to the Headache Clinic, but need to save up for it first (even if my medical aid where to pay for it, I’m on the brink of entering my self-payment gap, something I’m ill-prepared for). The state of my pain synapses were not at all aided by my mom asking me what my plans regarding living arrangements are as soon as the house is sold.

I almost had a stroke! (This was around 17:00 yesterday afternoon, as if my Sunday Blues weren’t bad enough.) When I raised objection to moving back home because the house is in the market, SHE was the one who told me not to worry; that I had at least two months to worry about that. It’s been two weeks and now she’s rocking my little sinking boat. She signed two offers on the house last Monday, and technically, if there are no hitches, we will have to vacate the house in five weeks. While the debt counselling has put me in a position to pay everything I need to, and have some cheese on my bread, I can only pay rent or petrol for my daily PretoriaJohannesburg-Pretoria commute – not both.

Eventually she said that I should always remember that she’ll have a place for me wherever she goes, even if it is only a couch (at which thought my back spontaneously spasmed; okay it didn’t, but if it had a brain it would’ve).

So in an effort to not completely feel overwhelmed/devastated, I’m focusing on the long ongoing The Secret Project © (TSP) (which, as time progresses, is becoming less secret). Except for the bit of procrastination brought on by writing this post. I’ve found a part of the project swinging in the wind like a hangman-puzzle with one clue/limb left, and now I need to find bits to attach it, etc. And another part needs to be double checked under a magnifying glass (this bit is what I’m currently avoiding), and modified to make sense (there are bits there whose arrival on the scene make absolutely NO sense).

But let me not put off my duties for too long. Never know when the next headache will fell me or my ambitions.