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Day 23 – a letter to anyone


Oh dear! I’m a day late with this. So I’ll just have to do a double posting today, I guess. Here’s the letter:


I’ve been wondering who I’ll write this letter to, first considering the love of my life (but seeing as he never reads my blog unless specifically directed to – and even then it’s not guaranteed), then my mother (I’m not sure whether she reads this blog, and I decided that if not, I’d rather keep it that way), so I decided to write to you.

I miss you. I know I’m not the only one, but I also know that I was always special to you. You made such a huge contribution to the person I am today. I often wonder what you’d say about my life if you were around; it hasn’t turned out the way I had hoped, and there are aspects of it I’m sure you’d disapprove of, but overall I hope that you’d be satisfied with how I’ve coped with everything.

I would have loved for you to meet my best friends – I imagine their awkwardness at your silly jokes, them being enthralled (like strangers often were) by your tales, not being sure whether you were being serious or not, and the long discussions you would have with them about the world, religion and rugby. And about me.

I’m fortunate that my best friend of all is the love of my life, and a man who believes in me as much as you did, and who supports and encourages me in everything. It doesn’t make missing you any less painful. He also lost someone very close to him 17 years ago. I can’t believe it’s been almost two decades!

Do you know that I could feel when the end approached? I will never forget that. I will never forget you, and I hope that some day more people will know about you, your influence in my life, and how much you will always mean to me.

See you sometime in the future. Take care (of me, of mom, of us all, please).


Day 2 – 10 likes and dislikes


I couldn’t have chosen an easy challenge, eh? Oh well. Let’s see… Starting with the dislikes:

  1. People who lie. Yes it’s a cliche, but it’s also a huge pain in the backside, and not very nice.
  2. Liquorice. Just ick.
  3. Brussel sprouts. Beyond ick.
  4. Camping. I’m curious about glamping, but I’m generally not much of an outdoor enthusiast.
  5. Water. It really doesn’t taste, well, like anything. Despite this, I try to drink at least 750ml plain water a day. Not so easy during winter.
  6. My current situation, specifically relating to work. But what doesn’t kill me makes me stranger – if that’s at all possible!
  7. Not being able to shop, treat myself for breakfast/lunch on Saturday mornings, and other unpleasantnessess related to my debt and consequent frugality.
  8. Cough syrup and throat lozenges. Loads of sugar and I don’t see the point. How is something that goes straight to my tummy supposed to make my lungs feel better and keep me from coughing up bits of it? Not to mention the revolting taste. May I just say “ICK!”
  9. Driving in Jo’burg. I do it every working day, and the afternoon traffic is enough to drive people around the bend. And I find it absolutely appalling the way bus and taxi drivers are so reckless with their charges’ lives.
  10. Meetings. I generally find them pointless and utterly unproductive. There are exceptions, but the majority? Meh.

And the nice, happy, likey things:

  1. Cake. Obviously. I didn’t get soft around the edges from carrots. Although I like carrots too. But not that much.
  2. Books. Reading, writing (I have so many notebooks that I feel to sorry to write in), audio books, e-books, good old, old-fashioned paper and ink books (they smell the best :))
  3. My friends. I have THE BEST friends. Ever! I don’t have many, but they rock. I like them a whole lot.
  4. Shopping. Or at least, I used to. I’m pretty sure I like it still, but I can’t remember. It’s been a while…
  5. Sleeping. Again, I think I do. I have not been able to do much of that lately either, but I do like being lazy in my bed. Preferably with my eyes closed and my mind occupied with the wonderful and weird dreams I often have. I miss you 8-hours-a-night!
  6. My BlackBerry. And my iPad. And my laptop, external hard drive and most things gadgety.
  7. Chocolates. Not as much as cake. But more than carrots.
  8. Shoes – high heels in particular. Mostly to look at. Sometimes to wear, but not that often. Wonky back and all that, you know?
  9. Jeans. Is there any item of clothing more versatile, comfortable, flattering (if you actually manage to find something for a soft-around-the-edges body that fits properly). I happily wear them all year round.
  10. Zombie everything. Plants vs Zombies, Zombie Farm, remember last year’s zombie calendar? Books about zombies, Pride & Prejudice & Zombie notebooks (currently serving as my headache diary, as I thought is rather apt).

Hold on, cowboys! Only 28 more posts like these. Aren’t you excited?

Another dreadful countdown


Five months. That’s all I have to plan my next mother of a pity party. You see, yesterday I was watching reruns (are there any other kind of show on DSTV?) of Cake Boss, when I realised it’s downhill to my next birthday. And I pondered getting some people together, feeding them cake (as much as I’d like to keep all the cake in the world for myself) in a pleasant setting, along with some fabulous drinky-goodies. Well, I pondered for all of 10 minutes before realising that I don’t have money for a venue, cake and drinky-goodies for people outside my family (and even the family will only get the tiniest slices of cake and will have to make their own coffee). And any money I manage to save in the meantime I’d rather spend on making myself happy than feeding other people. Yes, I guess I’m a little strange that way. Maybe one day when I’m not obsessing about having enough food for my family, about paying my debt and about money in general, I’ll happily entertain the masses. In fact, I’m so hopeful about that, I’ve added it to my bucket list. Some of you (yes, I’m assuming I have a large and wide-read audience), may have seen my list before, but I’ve modified it to having those things I reasonably expect to achieve within the next year or two (so if anyone feels like helping me cross any off the list in five months, you know how to get hold of me). Also, that was not a hint for the friendly neighbourhood stalker. I’m trying to see how many and how generous readers of this blog are (trying to be optimistic here).

Hot air balloon ride
A spa day with all the trimmings (maybe even an overnight stay)
Learn to sketch
Learn to make something new with origami
Sew a dress
Throw a big party
Host book club meeting
Make candles
Take a proper holiday, like at a resort or something like that.
Complete La Mer range
Christian Louboutin heels (Or at least sexy heels from Aldo)
64GB iPod touch/16GB iPod Nano
Diamond earings (nothing big and blingy; plain little studs would do)
Red heels
Kindle 4 + skin + lighted leather cover (apple green)
High tea at The Saxon (I love the Westcliff, but think it’s time to try something new. Although, as long as there’s cake I’ll go anywhere!)
A new bed – one I can choose for aesthetics and comfort
A reading chair for my room (because my bed can’t handle my sleeping in AND living on it)

Now to start saving in order to make these happen. I’ve requested a quote for the tattoo – I think it’s important for the stage in my life I’m going through; maybe that will be the first thing I cross off the list.

True friends


I don’t have a lot of friends, but really value the few I have. They take care of me when I need it the most – this weekend was an example of that.

My partner in crime invited me to join her for dinner on Friday night at Pigalle, a restaurant in the Michelangelo Towers I would probably not go to if I had to pay my own way. The food was really good, but made so much better by the great company I had. As if taking me out for a scrumptious meal was not enough, my friend also got me another Kimmidoll for my collection.

Another friend of mine, whom I haven’t known for as long as I know Nafisa, invited me over for Sunday lunch. My oldest friend (as in the one I’ve been friends for the longest) was there as well, and it was great to catch up with everyone. There was a fabulous roast with all the trimmings, and in quantities that is probably inherent to Afrikaans cooks.

Undoubtably one of the best things in life is spending time with people who have seen you at your best and your worst, know most of your secrets and flaws, and still love you despite it all.

A blogger award


Megan nominated me as a Stylish Blogger. Whoohoo!

With reward comes responsibility, and this is no exception. The rules are:

1.  Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award
2.  Share seven things about yourself
3.  Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers
4.  Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award!

Okay, so seven things about me you may, or may not know:

  1. I love doing Sudoku and crossword puzzles, especially the crossword in vida e‘s Obrigado magazine.
  2. I love pretty heels, but I prefer to walk barefoot.
  3. I have one brother. He’s four years older than me. He’s blind. He taught me to drive 😀
  4. I like Apple products, with the exception of the iPhone. I’m an avid BlackBerry supporter.
  5. If I ever get married I want a violin playing Nessun Dorma rather than a traditional wedding march.
  6. I’ve never been abroad.
  7. I’ve never lived on my own (and desperately want to).

And now for my nominations. I don’t read blogs very often. I don’t know why. So pretty much any blog I do read can qualify as new. Here are ones I do go back to, in no specific order:

  1. Shorty Pam – having met her in real life, I can say that she is even more hilarious in person.
  2. Samantha – So many things she write I can relate to. And she’s also a Pretoria native 🙂
  3. Lize – she’s one busy little bee with a huge fashion fetish.
  4. Tammy – huge bibliophile. From time to time she even does book giveaways on her blog – how awesome is that?!
  5. Tanya – I’m not big on kids, but reading her blog dedicated to her son, Max, really makes my heart melt.
  6. Sarah – Sarah has sooo many blogs/columns and not all of them are online. I can relate to a lot of her experiences too. We’ve also met in person and also have plenty of bad skeletony things in our closet. We showed them to each other and we still socialise, so that must be good!
  7. Tiffany – is one of the ladies I’ve come to know through Twitter, and one day when I’m grown up, I want to be like her. Another fabulous bibliophile.
  8. Nafisa – best Jo’burg friend. We’ve been friends for a long time and partners in crime at social events. Her brownies and butter chicken are to die for, and she has a wicked sarcastic streak I adore.
  9. Exmi – I’ve met her and her little boy (and her bf and mom). He’s so cute, and she’s so laid back. And her body thrills are a really great treat.
  10. Nicola – another foodie blogger (Nafisa used to be one). Another blogger who runs competitions and share really cool food links.
  11. Acidicice – again, a mommy blogger whose little boy has crept into the hearts of all of Twitter.
  12. Jenty – a twit lady I’ve met in person. Her dogs, her kids, her schedule (as a photographer) – I don’t know how she does it all!
  13. Gina – this isn’t her main blog, but I thoroughly enjoy the conversation’s she’s overheard.
  14. Rose – I imagine if I lived in CT we’d be good friends.
  15. Nechama – is there anything this woman can’t do? She is another person I’d like to be like when I grow up, complete with the awesome eyelashes.

Thanks again, Megan 😉



This past Saturday I had brunch with two friends, since I won’t be in Johannesburg this coming Saturday (on my birthday). Now, in case you didn’t know, I have really cool friends.

B gave me a kimmidoll (Hasumi), which brings my collection to five. N went all out for a proper spoil – a voucher for Skin Sense Day Spa in Rivonia, a note book and a little sign that reads “Will work for shoes” which I’m trying to put up at my desk, a compact mirror with the inscription “Did you say exercise or accessorise?”, a gorgeous mug with a picture of a shoe on it (same as on the box it came in) and a tassel tied around the ear, and a hot chocolate spoon (similar to the one in the picture)! That is pretty much all of my favourite things in one package.

I love how they have spoiled me. Sure it won’t pay my bills, but it does make me feel special. And sometimes that is more important.

P.S. – To see how to make your own hot choc spoons, have a look at the Cook Culinary Studio blog.