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Day 1 – Write some basic things about yourself


This is actually turning out to be a little more difficult than you’d think.

  • I’m job hunting. And I’ve joined a workers’ union. Better safe than sorry and all that. Keep me in mind if you know of anything I’d be good at
  • I get bored easily. This is why I have so many blogs going. And why I’ve now resorted to Polyvore to entertain me when Pinterest falls short
  • Technically I’m single, although it would be more accurate to say “it’s complicated”
  • I don’t want to explain the complication on here
  • I’m ambidextrous
  • I’m  a dreamer
  • I’m a writer (several work titles referred to me as one), but I feel like such a fake when I say it. A handful of blogs does not a writer make
  • I live in Pretoria and work in Sandton. This means I get up at five to miss the traffic and reach work just before six
  • I listen to audio books during my commute
  • I like surprises – good ones, obviously
  • When I drink coffee, I only drink one cup (two at the most) and only in the morning. I prefer hot chocolate, particularly from vida e caffè

I think that’s quite enough for now. If at the end of the 30 days you still have questions, you may ask. I’m not promising to answer though 😉