I used to blog as The Single Syllable on the Letterdash (formerly 24.com) blogging platform, but I got tired of the restrictions – no mobile blogging and only registered users could comment. So despite my skewed sense of loyalty, I will no longer be blogging there.

This is where I’ll be blowing off steam; bitching, moaning and cursing. Yes, beware of the occasional swear word making its appearance.


About me


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  1. I’ve been reading your stuff on and off for about three years I think. Vaguely recall pictures of you at a wedding and a birthday party of some sort during that time…

    Besides, it’s not stalking if it’s a blog :p

  2. Yes, last year there was the unbirthday party and my cousin’s wedding. Must try to get new pics.
    Litlle worried that you’re so sure about what constitutes stalking and what doesn’t!

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