Day 8 – Three things to say to different people


Mom – you’re a great mom. I’m grateful for everything you’ve sacrificed for me (and still do) and that you’ve raised me right. I love you.

Colleague A – please keep your nose out of my business. If I’m not talking to you directly, it doesn’t concern you. I also would prefer it if you kept your negative rantings to yourself.

Love of my life – I miss you. I know you don’t want what I want, but it doesn’t make me stop wanting it. Or you. And mostly I’m okay with that. Either way, I don’t resent or blame you; I think it’s admirable that you know what you want and that you stick to your beliefs regardless of what anyone else say or do, or how your circumstances may change. But you know, if you ever do decide to take that next step, it wouldn’t necessarily be such a bad thing 😉 xx


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