30 Day Blog Challenge


Yes, I’ve been neglecting this blog again. For what it’s worth I’ve been neglecting several of them while setting up a new one. I know, like I don’t have enough going on; populate what you already have, you’re probably thinking. Except, each of my blogs serve a different purpose.

There’s the one on which I post stuff that has actually been published (mostly), and which hasn’t been updated since November 2010.

The one linked to my website that I write reviews and stuff on (yes, that’s my technical term for what I do: write stuff).

This one where I diarise and bitch and share my thoughts and desires with.

The one where I post digital-like stuff and duplicates from various other blogs (completely different audience to anything and everything else).

And the new blog is a Tumblr blog with an “ads from everywhere” focus (and yes, since the initial draft of this post that blog has also become neglected. What can I say? Something about short attention spans, easily bored, distraOHSHINY!)

So as a way to force myself to post more often on what is my second most neglected blog, I’m doing a 30-day challenge again. I lifted this one very conveniently from Taryn.

The first post will go up a bit later, to give everyone who wants to unsubscribe a bit of time to do that.


About Syllable

A frugal shopaholic called Syllable: Intelligent, skeptic, curious, naïve, passionate, moody, honest, creative, obsessive & obsessed. A dreamer, a worrier, a writer, a reader, a listener, an observer. My little site of fiction: http://www.thesinglesyllable.co.za/

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