I just had to post this (and it’s too long to fit on Twitter):

Someone found my blog using the following search term:

you feel that the disruption and sweeping change you are going through, or fear you are about to go through, will be catastrophic. you need to recognise that such upheaval can force new directions that you never dreamed possible. subconsciously you may have wanted change, but as is often the case, the solution isn’t always as we expect. there could be problems relating to your property, or if considering a new property or move, progress will be thwarted.

I kid you not.

So I thought “what the hell?” and did a Google search… my blog only surfaced on the third page, second-last entry. What an utterly silly and random way to get to my blog. Whoever you are, you’re strange!


About Syllable

A frugal shopaholic called Syllable: Intelligent, skeptic, curious, naïve, passionate, moody, honest, creative, obsessive & obsessed. A dreamer, a worrier, a writer, a reader, a listener, an observer. My little site of fiction:

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