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I just had to post this (and it’s too long to fit on Twitter):

Someone found my blog using the following search term:

you feel that the disruption and sweeping change you are going through, or fear you are about to go through, will be catastrophic. you need to recognise that such upheaval can force new directions that you never dreamed possible. subconsciously you may have wanted change, but as is often the case, the solution isn’t always as we expect. there could be problems relating to your property, or if considering a new property or move, progress will be thwarted.

I kid you not.

So I thought “what the hell?” and did a Google search… my blog only surfaced on the third page, second-last entry. What an utterly silly and random way to get to my blog. Whoever you are, you’re strange!

New kimmidolls® merchandise


I still adore kimmidolls®, but currently don’t have space to display my little collection. This morning I got a newsletter from them, annoucning some new products. There are a few new dolls, but my! The journals, the mugs and the little bags are all so fabulous!

I am particularly fond of the dark journal with the flowers in the bottom right corner. I think the little bookmark charms are adorable and I am thinking of things to sell (including my brother) to buy myself a journal or four. I’m a firm believer that one can never have enough books – whether for reading or writing – especially not ones as gorgeous as these!


Sure I don’t NEED a mug (or six!), but when talking about kimmidolls® the argument of want vs need is completely irrelevant. I particularly love the one in the middle of the top row, and the one on the far right in the bottom row.


Now look at that. Isn’t that occasional purse the most elegant little bag ever? And how cute is the mini clip purse? I think I’ll spend the rest of the day fantasising about these pretty little goodies. For a little more of this kind of distraction, hop over here.

New Year tarot reading


I really sat down quietly for a bit before selecting my cards this morning, and thought about what I really wanted. This is huge progress, because, although it’s still mostly vague, it’s an improvement from knowing only what I don’t want (which, let’s be honest, is a big fat cop-out). So after contemplation and the selection of my six cards, I feel really inspired motivated encouraged by the reading, even if it is still pretty generic. It is overall extremely positive – something I hope to focus on a lot more often this year.

Wheel Of Fortune

Card 1 (Wheel Of Fortune) : How you feel about yourself now  »

Perhaps you feel due for a bit of good luck or indeed are experiencing some at the moment. The Wheel of Fortune is a card of destiny. What is happening now we could call fate, so if positive things are happening with your love life, career or finances this is no coincidence. If no such things are happening, expect a sudden change in fortune.


Card 2 (Judgement) : What you most want at this moment  »

The cards suggest that what you most want at this time is a new start, to close this chapter in your life and have a brand new beginning. This is not a time for regret but for rejoicing. Rewards for past efforts will follow and you are sure to have many opportunities presented to you. Life will pick up a pace and the choices you make will have far reaching implications that could change your life dramatically. Any legal issues should be ruled in your favour.

The Hierophant

Card 3 (The Hierophant) : Your fears  »

Are you really your best counsel? Probably not at this moment in time. You are worried that you will sell yourself short and agree to something that you don’t feel morally comfortable with. For example you may really desire marriage but the offer has been ‘let’s live together’. You may be looking at a job or business opportunity but you question how ethical it is. Seek out an advisor you can trust such as a teacher, priest, parent or anyone you have respect for. They will be happy to help.

The Star

Card 4 (The Star) : What is going for you  »

A wish come true, this is a time of good luck and fortune, perhaps after a period of struggle and heartache. Good health, possibly after a time of illness, and good fortune that will give you a new zest of life. If considering a new love affair, new job or career, or travel, then go for it. You may also receive a gift or gifts!

The Moon

Card 5 (The Moon) : What is going against you  »

You are frozen with fear, lack of nerve and confused as to what it is you actually want. You are allowing all your fears and anxieties to hold you back when you should be opening your mind to new and unexpected possibilities. You do need to be careful however, as there are deceitful people around who may seem charming but are only out for their own gains. If in a clandestine affair beware, your secret may be exposed.

The World

Card 6 (The World) : Outcome  »

Success, fulfillment and conclusion are near at hand – the successful outcome to a venture, satisfaction in a relationship and efforts rewarded. It is a culmination of events and indicates material wealth and greater spiritual awareness. You may choose to buy that dream house or a wonderfully fulfilling relationship is on offer, enjoy!