October tarot reading


The October tarot reading is mostly encouraging. I think I’d feel more excited about it if I didn’t feel so absolutely miserable today. Upon waking I thought that I had recovered from yesterday’s severe migraine (the worst I had in a long time), but of course shortly after getting to work I started feeling like I’d rather die. At this stage returning home isn’t an option – not sure if I’ll make it, the way I’m feeling right now. There is the option of getting on the Gautrain, but don’t know how I’d get home from the station, or back to work tomorrow, if my car remains here. I’d really like to go to my GP and have a few things checked out also. Oh well. On to the reading.

The MagicianCard 1 (The Magician) : How you feel about yourself now  »

You feel a sense of purpose and the willpower to get things done. Self-empowerment is the key word here. Any new enterprises in love or career show great potential. You feel that you have the ability to think on your feet and, faced with opposition, the appearance of The Magician is an excellent omen of success. Time to believe in your self and go for it!


The Hanged Man

Card 2 (The Hanged Man) : What you most want at this moment  »

The cards suggest that what you most want at this time is to have it all, why should you have to give something or someone up? Perhaps you feel a victim and that events are not going as planned. Trust that this is a passage from one phase of your life to another. If you are not sure what or who you need to give up, trust that what will be will be, and will ultimately be to your benefit.

The Hierophant

Card 3 (The Hierophant) : Your fears  »

Are you really your best counsel? Probably not at this moment in time. You are worried that you will sell yourself short and agree to something that you don’t feel morally comfortable with. For example you may really desire marriage but the offer has been ‘let’s live together’. You may be looking at a job or business opportunity but you question how ethical it is. Seek out an advisor you can trust such as a teacher, priest, parent or anyone you have respect for. They will be happy to help.

The Devil

Card 4 (The Devil) : What is going for you  »

There’s a possibility of permanence here. If you’re considering a commitment in a relationship or marriage this is a good sign. However question your motives because here we have temptation and addiction, and a desire to be controlled or controlling. So use your intuition and if you recognise what you feel as sincere, great, if not you still have a chance to change direction. If considering giving up a bad habit, such as smoking or drinking for example, now is a good time to start.

The Empress

Card 5 (The Empress) : What is going against you  »

There are conflicts around you, frustrations and possibly a break up in a relationship. Be careful not to over-react and be too protective or dictatorial about your needs, and whatever you do, do not resort to emotional blackmail, it won’t do you any favours. You may be experiencing infertility problems or an unplanned pregnancy, if so just know that there are people around you who love and care for you and will provide support.

The Fool

Card 6 (The Fool) : Outcome  »

Open your mind and soul to new possibilities this is a time to realise your full potential, follow your instincts and act on your hunches. A time for spontaneity, fun and surprises. However, be mindful of being too impulsive – your decisions should be based on experience and knowledge of self.


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