July tarot reading


It’s terrible, I know. I haven’t updated my blog in so long I even forgot the name! So let’s start with the Lotus Tarot for the month.

The Fool

Card 1 (The Fool) : How you feel about yourself now  »

You feel discontent or uneasy and feel a need for a change in your life, a new direction, perhaps even an adventure. You might not know where you want to go, just that you don’t want to stay where you are. It’s a time for optimism and major decisions – unexpected influences could have a powerful effect on your decision making. Ask yourself, is what you desire really the right thing for you?


The Hermit

Card 2 (The Hermit) : What you most want at this moment  »

The cards suggest that what you most want at this time is to know what to do, as well as companionship or a lover as you feel somewhat lonely or isolated at the moment. Perhaps you are feeling exhausted and in need of a rest – if you have been ill this is a time for rest and recuperation.




Card 3 (Justice) : Your fears  »

There could be agreements or legal affairs that concern you and you certainly don’t want to lose – you feel quite strongly that you are in the right. Stay calm and level headed and seek sound counsel if you need to.



The High Priestess

Card 4 (The High Priestess) : What is going for you  »

All lines are open in your telephone exchange with your intuition, and there is no better guide than your intuition. Listen, listen carefully and the secret you want revealed will be shared with you.




Card 5 (Death) : What is going against you  »

This is a time of anxiety, depression and fear with all the turmoil and distressing events happening in your life – it’s time to show what you are made of. What has now come to an end leaves room for brand new beginnings in life, love and career. However radical events may be in your life, believe that life goes on and life is what you make of it.


The Devil

Card 6 (The Devil) : Outcome  »

If your previous cards have been positive and your main consideration has been about a relationship then there’s a possibility of commitment, even a proposal of marriage. If this is not the case this a final opportunity for you to change course, because the temptation you are experiencing concerning a relationship, money or materialism or any other kind of addiction won’t lead to a happy ending. If you are feeling low in self-belief and self worth and doubt your abilities, don’t, have more confidence – its not too late to change direction.

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