Pain in the arse (among other places)


So a visit to The Headache Clinic, as mentioned in my previous post, has been on my (aching) mind a lot. I went to their website to read about costs and stuff, and it turns out that you pay for the diagnostic process out your own pocket and then claim it back from your medical aid. This would’ve been perfect if I could afford to pay out of my pocket for anything because the diagnostics would pretty much cover the gap payment I will need to start making in R300-odd of medical expenses. Which means I won’t be visiting the clinic soon.

A little lower down I have a more pressing (haha) problem: my sciatica is acting up again, and in a big way. It is quite literally a pain in my backside. Last month when I told my GP about the constant pain in my left leg, he suggested that I go see the orthopaedic surgeon who did my spinal fusion in ’07 for a check up. My leave was coming to an end and I knew I wouldn’t have been able to get an appointment within the following four days, so instead I skipped off into the sunset with a handful of painkillers.
With the temperatures dropping as low as I can ever remember experiencing (particularly at 05:30 in the mornings when my commute starts), my body is constantly in a state of spasm and trembling, exacerbating my suffering.

Earlier this evening I thought I should find out if my GP is on duty this Saturday so I can go see him again and get a referral to the bone doc. But then I remembered I’m babysitting my nephew on Saturday morning. And, oh yes, there’s that little issue with the gap payment. I could hit the painkillers again and daily this time, but (touch wood) my ulcer’s been so good for so long now… I’m not quite sure which I consider the lesser of two evils.

I’ll have to just carry on with heat packs and furious leg rubbing. Whatever money I have left after my petrol expenses for the month will be kept aside for emergencies/gap payments. Probably not this month though, since I still need to pay the ER bill, as well as my car’s licence.

But honestly, I can’t wait for Saturday afternoon. I’ve just decided that I’ll hit the Tramacet as soon as I’m relieved of duty and can sleep/drool the rest of the weekend away in comfort (i.e. pain free). Viva scheduled drugs!


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