This is apathy


I am miserable at work. Take today, for example: I got up at six, had a shower, got dressed and had breakfast at my desk shortly after seven. That was followed by checking my work inbox (message from IT, message to sign my Performance Appraisal, which hasn’t been finalised yet), checking my gmail account, checking the links of the tweets I have favourited over the weekend, etc. It is now after three and virtually nothing I did today was related to work. Not because I’m a slacker, but because I have nothing to do. I have plenty to keep me busy with, but it’s not work. For some people this would be ideal; for me, not so much.

Of course I’ve been on the lookout for alternative means of earning a salary, but I seem to be qualified for very little and greatly inexperienced in many interesting fields. I thought about what I would ideally do, if it were not for the sake of a salary alone. Well, I’d like to start as an intern at a glossy magazine and work my way up. The glossy I’d most like to work for is in Cape Town. I can’t afford to move there, and I can’t afford to work as an intern either. Aside from writing (in which I’m starting to doubt my ability to do well), I really don’t know what I would like to do. Well, read and sleep and socialising and trying out stuff will be pretty cool too, but I have no backing to do either of those for a living either.

So what’s next? Well, it’s almost home time, and maybe I’ll read a bit before climbing in bed (probably shortly after sunset – if I can manage it that long), and then I suppose I’ll do it all over again.


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  1. Something has to come up, you’re applying for various positions. Hopefully your new Google Reader set-up (or Hurricane Vanessa’s blog alone) will make the time pass!

  2. Oh, after not doing anything all day, I was called into a meeting at 15:45 (they forgot to send me a meeting request) and it turns out there was a whole host of e-mails I hadn’t been copied on. As a result I only left the office at 17:50.

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