Daily Archives: January 19, 2011

A blogger award


Megan nominated me as a Stylish Blogger. Whoohoo!

With reward comes responsibility, and this is no exception. The rules are:

1.  Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award
2.  Share seven things about yourself
3.  Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers
4.  Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award!

Okay, so seven things about me you may, or may not know:

  1. I love doing Sudoku and crossword puzzles, especially the crossword in vida e‘s Obrigado magazine.
  2. I love pretty heels, but I prefer to walk barefoot.
  3. I have one brother. He’s four years older than me. He’s blind. He taught me to drive 😀
  4. I like Apple products, with the exception of the iPhone. I’m an avid BlackBerry supporter.
  5. If I ever get married I want a violin playing Nessun Dorma rather than a traditional wedding march.
  6. I’ve never been abroad.
  7. I’ve never lived on my own (and desperately want to).

And now for my nominations. I don’t read blogs very often. I don’t know why. So pretty much any blog I do read can qualify as new. Here are ones I do go back to, in no specific order:

  1. Shorty Pam – having met her in real life, I can say that she is even more hilarious in person.
  2. Samantha – So many things she write I can relate to. And she’s also a Pretoria native 🙂
  3. Lize – she’s one busy little bee with a huge fashion fetish.
  4. Tammy – huge bibliophile. From time to time she even does book giveaways on her blog – how awesome is that?!
  5. Tanya – I’m not big on kids, but reading her blog dedicated to her son, Max, really makes my heart melt.
  6. Sarah – Sarah has sooo many blogs/columns and not all of them are online. I can relate to a lot of her experiences too. We’ve also met in person and also have plenty of bad skeletony things in our closet. We showed them to each other and we still socialise, so that must be good!
  7. Tiffany – is one of the ladies I’ve come to know through Twitter, and one day when I’m grown up, I want to be like her. Another fabulous bibliophile.
  8. Nafisa – best Jo’burg friend. We’ve been friends for a long time and partners in crime at social events. Her brownies and butter chicken are to die for, and she has a wicked sarcastic streak I adore.
  9. Exmi – I’ve met her and her little boy (and her bf and mom). He’s so cute, and she’s so laid back. And her body thrills are a really great treat.
  10. Nicola – another foodie blogger (Nafisa used to be one). Another blogger who runs competitions and share really cool food links.
  11. Acidicice – again, a mommy blogger whose little boy has crept into the hearts of all of Twitter.
  12. Jenty – a twit lady I’ve met in person. Her dogs, her kids, her schedule (as a photographer) – I don’t know how she does it all!
  13. Gina – this isn’t her main blog, but I thoroughly enjoy the conversation’s she’s overheard.
  14. Rose – I imagine if I lived in CT we’d be good friends.
  15. Nechama – is there anything this woman can’t do? She is another person I’d like to be like when I grow up, complete with the awesome eyelashes.

Thanks again, Megan 😉