Daily Archives: December 23, 2010

Project fundraising


I am foolishly attempting to buy my mom’s house again – this time at market value (in order to get dad to sign the papers). Time is running out. The deal has to be finalised by the end of January, and in order to make any financial institution even consider approving my application, I need to raise a substantial amount of money.



For a donation you will receive a virtual kiss (or a hug if you prefer).

If this will work, I don’t know, but I’m sending it out to the universe, and hoping the universe will send me something back. Should anyone feel generous, please send me an email – marthatjie [at] gmail [dot] com

Happy Holidays. Travel safe, stay safe. See you soon!

Last tarot reading for 2010

I’ve decided that from next year I’ll be posting a single reading a month, as close to the start of the month as I can. And since the new month starts next Saturday, it would be rather silly to have two readings two days apart. So this is how the cards say I’ll be ending the year. Head over to Lotus Tarot to get your own reading.
The High Priestess

Card 1 (The High Priestess) : How you feel about yourself now  »

You are very aware of the feminine power within, intuitive and conscious at a spiritual level, looking for guidance and answers, a secret to be revealed. You desire a wise guide to help address your questions, and your intuition is just that. If you are male the appearance of The High Priestess can represent a woman who you care for very much and who truly inspires you.

The Lovers
Card 2 (The Lovers) : What you most want at this moment  »

The cards suggest that what you most want at this time is to know what choice to make – carry on as you are or take a risk? The risk offers excitement and change and staying as you are …. Well you know what that has to offer. Dare to love, dare to live?


The Fool

Card 3 (The Fool) : Your fears  »

You are afraid of making the wrong decisions. There is a warning here that fool-hardy, impetuous actions could lead to major problems. Perhaps you feel that you don’t have control over a situation, either personal or professional. You may feel unable to complete a task or stay in a current relationship and fear the consequences of your decisions. Perhaps you know deep down that what you want isn’t really such a good thing.

The Devil

Card 4 (The Devil) : What is going for you  »

There’s a possibility of permanence here. If you’re considering a commitment in a relationship or marriage this is a good sign. However question your motives because here we have temptation and addiction, and a desire to be controlled or controlling. So use your intuition and if you recognise what you feel as sincere, great, if not you still have a chance to change direction. If considering giving up a bad habit, such as smoking or drinking for example, now is a good time to start.

The Star

Card 5 (The Star) : What is going against you  »

This is a period of tension and frustrations, you feel pessimistic and fearful that your hopes will be dashed. Any bad luck you may be having is primarily down to your self-doubt and negativity. Have faith that your luck will change.



The Emperor

Card 6 (The Emperor) : Outcome  »

Expect success and achievement of your goals, this is a time for fulfillment of your ambitions. If you have placed your trust in your father, husband/partner or a man of significance in your life, they will come up trumps for you. If you have been the victim of ill-will don’t worry, you will win in the end.