Thoughts on 32


By far and without a doubt, Saturday was the worst.birthday.ever.

Morné made me fabulous fried breakfast. I continued to laze on the couch before we went to Brooklyn Mall where I got a new BlackBerry Curve 8520. That allowed me to give my old phone to Morné, whose BlackBerry Storm died a graceless death last week. I hoped to get some nice cardboard to print a few businesscards on, but a quick stop at the bank made it clear that I will not be buying anything at all, anytime soon. So off we went to my mom’s for a braai.

The afternoon was pleasant enough despite the intense heat. As the afternoon cooled down and some rain finally provided a little relief, we got ready to leave, but my brother called to say they were on their way and we should wait a little longer. They arrive and his fiance gave me a tube of bath/shower gel. And then things went a little downhill. My mom & I had an argument. It ended with me screaming at her and telling Morné we’re leaving.

When we got back to his flat, Morné ran me a bath, afterwhich I climbed in bed. And that was that. The consequent depression has still not lifted. The constant rain is not helping. And it seems I might be coming down with a little something. My throat is all scratchy and I’ve been coughing a bit.

I really hope this is not the tone for the rest of the year. I really don’t care for any of this.


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  1. balls. this is what happens when Richard finishes my airtime. I missed Gina’s baby being born AND your birthday.

    Consider me flayed like that self-punishing monk in davinci code.

    Sorry it didn’t break the shitty tradition 😦

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