Day nine – Someone you didn’t want to let go, but just drifted


I suppose this would be Heidi. We met while studying Biomedical Technology. Initially we “fought” over the same intern job, but when neither of us got it we became bestest best friends. Joined at the hip. Since she was born in Zimbabwe six days before me, we used to joke that we were twins separated at birth and the because we were born in different countries there is a time difference.

We kind of started drifting when I quit my studies and started studying International Communication on a different campus.

Thanks to the wonder that is Facebook we connected again, but things have never been the same. She’s married with twin girls and I’m single, living in a friend’s spare room and miserable. I miss the mischief we used to get up to and the easiness of our friendship.


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A frugal shopaholic called Syllable: Intelligent, skeptic, curious, naïve, passionate, moody, honest, creative, obsessive & obsessed. A dreamer, a worrier, a writer, a reader, a listener, an observer. My little site of fiction:

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