Boredom, etc.


I have no words to describe how bored I am at work. It’s been nearly three months, and being rather far down the line in the process of working on campaigns, I’m beyond frustrated that – including a brief due to be viewed, edited and sent on today – there are SIX briefs to work on, and no indication of when I’ll get to see any of them. I was meant to see the oldest one on 30 September already. I’m big on deadlines. They serve a purpose. Apparently I’m the only one in this process that feels this way.

The fact that most of the people who work on these are in training this week does not help. They should be back in the office tomorrow, but I have another deadline on Friday, which I’m assuming I shouldn’t expect on Friday.

I was nominated to go to the training in Cape Town as well this week, but since I’ve already done half of the workshops being run, I chose not to go. Also, considering the delicate state of my emotions of late (not to mention my finances), I’m glad I didn’t go.

This morning my private inbox offered me a free career test. Like that’s going to help me any. But there was 120 questions and it kept me busy for 10 minutes. The results were not really surprising:

Career Assessment
Your Scores are as follows:
Crafts     33     Scientific     39
The Arts     39     Social     20
Business     21     Administration     9

Your career cluster is The Arts – Scientific.


You would enjoy a career which requires creative expression through drawing, sculpting, painting, photography etc.  An artist is an especially talented person with the skill to visually express what they see and feel with accuracy, character and feeling.  An artist usually becomes known for one or few techniques or styles of art.  Over time these preferences become unique to the artist.  Independent artists create a market for their work as they develop.  As an artist you prefer working independently without restrictions on what to produce.  You express your thoughts freely in the art form of your choice irrespective of the consumer.

A commercial artist work in a structured environment where they apply their artistic ability on request of a client in order to create or enhance a product directed at a specific consumer market.  Commercial artists are able to channel their artistic ability into a commercial salable skill from which they earn a living.  A combination is possible.  The increasing reliance on computers in the work environment has resulted in a growing demand for designers.


You would enjoy a career which challenges you intellectually and which requires the use of analytical skills to solve complex problems.

Scientists are independent, abstract thinkers who seek to explain phenomenon in a complex world.  You have an efficient mind, which rely on logical deductive approaches to understanding the natural world.  You have a natural aptitude and interest in science and mathematics.  However, some individuals prefer the more practical aspects of working with animals, others prefer the research component which includes working with formulae and complex mathematical problems.

Your success in the scientific field requires a commitment to study and the acquisition of specialized knowledge in certain fields.  Good scientists become experts in their respective fields of interest.

And then they proceed with ridiculously long lists of career options. If only it were that easy…


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